R-360 Neptune Anti-ship Missile

R-360 neptune anti-ship missile – With a range of over 200 kilometres, it is capable of. With a range of over 200 kilometres, it is capable of neutralizing targets up to 5,000 tonnes. Web meet the neptune. Why was the moskva symbolically important to both sides? It is capable of striking targets at reported ranges … Read more

Robot 17 Anti-ship Missile

Robot 17 anti-ship missile – Iii has the ability to attack land targets as well. The missile was developed by the swedish. It has a range of about eight kilometers and will play an important role for the ukrainian defense, according to lieutenant colonel joakim paasikivi. 42k views 14 years ago. Swedish armed forces share … Read more

Anti Tank Guided Missile

Anti tank guided missile – Web the 9m113 konkurs ( russian: It was developed and designed by the israeli company rafael advanced defense systems. As of 2007, it is in its fourth generation. Web latest aid package: The weapon also has capability against other target types like fortifications. Web march 21, 2022. Contents 1 general … Read more

German Anti Aircraft Gun

German anti aircraft gun – World war ii 40 bofors l/60 sweden: Web the gepard (german for cheetah) was built on the hull of the equally legendary leopard 1. In terms of mobility, the gepard has a top speed of 40 miles per hour and can go 342 miles on a. It is loaded with … Read more