Frogmen Danish Special Forces

Frogmen danish special forces – Web with a long seafaring tradition, it is not surprising that the fromandskorpset (fkp), denmark’s frogmen/combat swimmers, have an especially good reputation. However, the unit also undertakes airborne and land operations as required. On 1 july 2015, the frogman corps transferred from the royal danish navy to. In particular, the … Read more

Grom Poland Special Forces

Grom poland special forces – The name is essentially a homage to the silent and unseen special force warriors of ww2. Grom operators gained the nickname of the surgeons due to their extensive medical training and knowledge and their surgical ability to coordinate and execute special operations. Web the grom military unit, named after the … Read more

502 Security Forces Squadron

502 security forces squadron – Web 502 logistics readiness sq (aetc) lineage. Disbanded on 30 apr 1944. 3 law enforcement sq emblem.png 431 × 502; Activated on 22 oct 1942. Web 3 air police sq (later 3 security forces sq) emblem.png 618 × 781; Web 118 rows list of united states air force security forces … Read more

Sweden Armed Forces Equipment

Sweden armed forces equipment – 816 billion $ ( usa) more manpower active highest value in the world: Web sweden's artillery corps was made to specialize in mobility and warfare in the swedish homeland terrain, which mostly consisted of thick forests and small, remote towns. The units are trained and equipped. 2,035,000 ( china) more … Read more