2s7 Pion Heavy Howitzer

2s7 pion heavy howitzer – More than 250 units were built; It was widely used in the soviet union (sssr) and has been dubbed the “most powerful howitzer in the world.” 2s7 is its grau designation. 7 (driver, commander, 2 gunner, 2 loader, radio) propulsion: 203 mm (8 in) howitzer. The rate of fire is … Read more

Brutus 155mm Mobile Howitzer

Brutus 155mm mobile howitzer – Web 1 minute read. Web it uses the same 155 ammunition of the m777 howitzer. (7.6 m) width 8 ft. The brutus 155mm mobile howitzer directly supports the mission of field artillery to destroy, neutralize, or suppress the. 9.8k views 1 year ago. Web am general’s 155mm “brutus” mounts a … Read more