2s7 Pion Heavy Howitzer

2s7 pion heavy howitzer – More than 250 units were built; It was widely used in the soviet union (sssr) and has been dubbed the “most powerful howitzer in the world.” 2s7 is its grau designation. 7 (driver, commander, 2 gunner, 2 loader, radio) propulsion: 203 mm (8 in) howitzer. The rate of fire is … Read more

2s7 Pion Self-propelled Gun

2s7 pion self-propelled gun – The updated equipment has already been sent to the troops. Some sources say 500, others up to 1,000. It was withdrawn from active service in 1990 with the break up of the warsaw pact. The pion sports a prodigious 203mm gun, making it one of the most powerful spgs ever … Read more