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analog devices
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accelerometer single ±50g 5v 40mv/g 32-pin lfcsp ep tray

the adxl1001/adxl1002 deliver ultralow noise density over an extended frequency range with two full-scale range options, and are optimized for industrial condition monitoring. the adxl1001 (±100 g) and the adxl1002 (±50 g) have typical noise densities of 30 μg/√hz and 25 μg/√hz, respectively. both accelerometer devices have stable and repeatable sensitivity, which is immune to external shocks up to 10,000 g.

the adxl1001/adxl1002 have an integrated full electrostatic self test (st) function and an overrange (or) indicator that allow advanced system level features and are useful for embedded applications. with low power and single-supply operation of 3.3 v to 5.25 v, the adxl1001/adxl1002 also enable wireless sensing product design. the adxl1001/ adxl1002 are available in a 5 mm × 5 mm × 1.80 mm lfcsp package, and are rated for operation over a −40°c to 125°c temperature range.


- condition monitoring
- predictive maintenance
- asset health
- test and measurement
- health usage monitoring system (hums)

evaluation kit: 

the eval-adxl1001z and eval-adxl1002z are simple evaluation boards that allow users to quickly evaluate the performance of the adxl1001 and adxl1002 vibration sensors. the eval-adxl1001z and eval-adxl1002z are specifically designed to mount onto a mechanical shaker and are constructed of an extra thick printed circuit board (pcb), measuring 0.8 inches square. screw holes are supplied for rigid mounting to the shaker block. this design allows users to evaluate the full performance range of the adxl1001 or adxl1002 vibration sensor without having to solder the device to a separate test board. a simple rc low-pass filter is provided at the output with a −3 db bandwidth of about 20 khz. components can be replaced to allow users to implement their own application specific low-pass filter on the output of the device.

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